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Fitnniss are saying goodbye to our city centre office space and are moving to a wonderfull new space at hawthorns House in West Bromwich we are very excited about this we have lots of friends at Hawthorns House we just cant wait to get in there and bring our own very special Fitnniss Energy to the building.

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We've Had a really busy July, Fitnniss were proud sponsors of The Local Leaders awards , myself and Matt our CEO attended the event.. it was amazing and very humbling. The awards were created to acknowledge and reward people working with the third sector wether they assist in charity work or community and public services. It was a fantastic night of fine dining, fund raising and live music.
We hope we can be part of the Magic next year.

Fitnniss also Held the "Reach For The Stars Olympics" With the help of the Fitnniss team a group of young volunteers from The challenge Uk arranged a fun filled jam packed sports day for some Trident reach residents it was a huge success and we hope to do something very similar next year.

It was a great event full of mixed abilities, which helped us emphasise our core values

Friday 15th July There will be a charity night in aid of DIPG (Diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma) an incurable brain cancer that affects children with less than 1% survival rate. Please go along have some fun if you'd like any more details please do get intouch.

well Matt and Jieun completed the mount Snowdon climb. They helped raise money for Focus Birmingham a organisation we work very close with!

well done guys !!!!
Well today myself and some of the team attended a social media workshop at Birmingham Art gallery in their beautiful Edwardian tearoom..We made some great new connections and hopefully we will be airing on Brum Radio where we can discuss the brilliant plans with have Trident reach and the challenge uk for a newly named sports day event "Reach For The Stars Olympics" which we will be holding at Moseley leisure Centre on Sunday 17th July..we will be sure to upload all our photos to our facebook and twitter page @fitnniss and fitnniss LTD.
Sarah L
That's right Fitnniss are helping arrange a huge sports day with the help of Trident reach the people charity and the challenge uk! lots to be arranged i will keep you updated on here! its sure to be a fun day and if anything we get to see Matt in a sack race!!
Sarah L
Hi Fitnniss Family
My name is Sarah Lynch im back at Fitnniss after a wonderful 9 months maternity leave, i will be updating this blog weekly to keep you up to date with all the in's and out's, what's happening ,what's new, what change's we have.. oh and of course the gossip! cant wait ,goodbye for now!
Sarah L
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