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Fitnniss Ltd

Matt Inniss
CEO and Founder

"I chose to take the path less travelled to make a difference to many people's lives
and try to leave a small yet positive imprint on mankind. Little by little, bit by bit
I believe we can all make a difference"

Emily Monk
Session Leader

"Sport and exercise has always been a passion of mine and something i have valued from a young age (whether it be running around muddy fields ,strolling around the shopping centres or busting some moves on the dance floor). From a participation and educational background within the exercise and health domain, working with a company like Fitnniss allows me to pursue, educate and put into practice what I have learnt, as well as being fortunate to meet and work with some incredible individuals"

Nik Mortimer
Senior Session Leader

"I wake each morning (well most mornings)looking forward to going to work,happy to see the people i work with who are now mostly friends, I've learned and continue to learn from every individual I've been fortunate to do physical activities with, I know through vast experience how to get the most out of the people i work with and out of myself. Each session I leave feeling invigorated and confident I've left them feeling the same"

Richard Priest
Session Leader

Hayley Richards
Session Leader

Shiobhan Aston
Session Leader

Nathan Ashton
Session Leaader

Stella Kamenou
Session Leader

Tina Farrell

Massage Therapist

Linda Morgan

Massage Therpist

Reckah Hanna
Massage Therapist

Calvert Lawson

Patrick McArdle