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Embrace Transformative Wellness: Care for All Ages and Abilities


Older Adults

Enhancing the well-being of older adults is our core mission, with a focus on fostering independence, fostering a vibrant social atmosphere, bolstering self-esteem and minimising the risk of falls.

Our clientele encompasses individuals living with Dementia, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's disease, stroke survivors, and those with visual impairments. Through tailored sessions, we champion well-being, employing activities like movement to music that cater to each person's comfort level.

The significance of regular physical activity cannot be overstated – it stands as a powerful shield against the health concerns often associated with aging. Our initiatives aren't solely about exercise; they're a gateway to stress management, mood enhancement and a shield against feelings of depression.

From arthritis to heart disease and diabetes, exercise emerges as a potent treatment for chronic conditions. It's equally adept at aiding high blood pressure, balance concerns, and ambulatory difficulties. Our comprehensive approach to well-being embraces the transformative potential of sustained, moderate physical engagement.

Our Services

djembe drumming.jpg

Djembe Drumming

Introducing Music Therapy through the Vibrance of Djembe Drumming.

Experience the resounding popularity firsthand. Jah's captivating rhythm infuses the room with life, inviting smiles and irresistible dancing. Music's proven ability to uplift spirits and bring out the best in you is undeniable. If this resonates, reach out to us – your journey awaits.


Learning & Physical Disablities

Our sessions for individuals with Learning Disabilities are designed to foster an enjoyable learning environment while reaping the abundant rewards of exercise.

Our current focus lies with adults facing mental health conditions, including schizophrenia, autism, Asperger's, Down syndrome, challenging behavior, visual impairment, and both physical and learning disabilities.

Promoting well-being takes shape through invigorating dance sessions, thoughtfully customised to accommodate every individual's comfort level, regardless of mobility or wheelchair use.

Our diverse outreach encompasses a wide spectrum of learning disabilities, spanning Autism, Asperger's, Down Syndrome, challenging behavior, visual impairment, and physical and learning disabilities.

By delivering spirited, engaging exercise routines, we not only invigorate the mind and encourage social interaction but also stimulate appetite for those who seek weight gain, expend calories for weight loss and embrace overall healthy living.

Our philosophy revolves around inclusivity age or ability shouldn't be barriers. We support individuals with physical disabilities, empowering them to adopt the same mindset.


Above all, our approach is firmly rooted in a person-centered ethos, recognising the unique nature of each individual and their distinct requirements.

Welcome To Our Inclusive Care Services

At Fitnniss, we're dedicated to providing comprehensive care that knows no boundaries. Originally centered on "Older Adults & Disabilities," we've expanded our horizons to create a space where care truly transcends age, ability, and circumstance. Our commitment to fostering well-being now encompasses a wider range of individuals, from children and young people to young offenders, women in refuge, rough sleepers, and those in mental health hospitals.

Our Comprehensive Care Approach

Embracing our new identity as a hub of care, our services extend a helping hand to anyone seeking holistic wellness. Whether it's empowering older adults to maintain their vitality or lending support to individuals with learning disabilities, we're here to make a difference. But we don't stop there, our circle of care now reaches children, young offenders striving for a fresh start, women seeking refuge, rough sleepers yearning for stability and individuals in mental health hospitals seeking solace and rejuvenation.

Diverse Services for All Walks of Life

Our service portfolio has grown to mirror the diversity of those we aim to serve. From tailored wellness sessions that enrich the lives of older adults and individuals with disabilities to engaging activities that inspire young minds and rehabilitate young offenders, Fitnniss is a beacon of inclusivity. We craft meaningful interactions for women in refuge, offer a helping hand to rough sleepers and provide a sense of comfort to those in mental health hospitals through specialised sessions.

Your Wellness, Our Priority


With older adults & disabilities evolving into a nurturing realm of care, we've embraced a broader canvas of well being. Our goal is to empower individuals across generations and circumstances, fostering resilience, promoting mental and physical health and ultimately enabling everyone to thrive. At Fitnniss, our care knows no limits  we're here to create a positive impact in the lives of all those who seek it.

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We are very satisfied with the service provided, the individuals we support have various disabilities but are always involved in the session. The trainer is very patient and gives time to each person, he is enthusiastic and motivated and considers all individual's abilities and limitations.

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