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Meet The Fitnniss Team

Our dedicated team members embody a shared passion for holistic well-being and a commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of the vulnerable individuals we serve. With diverse backgrounds, expertise, and a deep understanding of the unique needs of our community, our team is united by a common goal: to create transformative experiences that nurture body, mind, and spirit.


Our Mission

Our core mission centers on enhancing older adults' well-being by promoting independence, social engagement, self-esteem, and fall prevention. Our diverse clientele includes those with Dementia, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, stroke survivors and visual impairments.


Tailored sessions champion well-being, employing activities like movement to music. Regular physical activity shields against age-related health concerns, offering stress management, mood enhancement, and depression prevention. Exercise proves a potent treatment for chronic conditions from arthritis to heart disease. Similarly, it aids high blood pressure, balance issues, and ambulatory difficulties. Our comprehensive well-being approach emphasises the transformative potential of sustained, moderate physical engagement.

For those with Learning Disabilities, our sessions create a fun learning environment with exercise benefits. We work with adults facing schizophrenia, autism, aspergers, downs syndrome and more. Well-being thrives through dance and tailored activities, promoting mind-body connection. Energetic exercise stimulates the mind, encourages interaction, and aids appetite control. Our "No matter your age or ability" mentality ensures individuals with disabilities embrace the same mindset. We're committed to a person-centered approach, recognizsng individuals needs.

"I chose to take the path less travelled to make a difference to many people's lives

and try to leave a small yet positive imprint on mankind. Little by little, bit by bit

I believe we can all make a difference"

Matt Inniss - CEO & Founder

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We are very satisfied with the service provided, the individuals we support have various disabilities but are always involved in the session. The trainer is very patient and gives time to each person, he is enthusiastic and motivated and considers all individual's abilities and limitations.

Talbot Court

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