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Improving Productivity: The Power of Exercise

Exercise in the workplace

Maybe we don't always connect our physical well-being with how productive we (and our employees) are, but perhaps we should.

Exercise brings a whole range of advantages to our everyday lives, and increased productivity is just one of them.


Exercise Improves Focus

Exercise has a positive impact on focus as it enhances blood circulation to the brain, making it simpler to concentrate. Additionally, it fosters imaginative thinking, enabling us to discover inventive answers to challenging issues.

We're not talking about intense military-style training sessions all day long; the key is routine and moderation.

Moderate exercise includes activities like short guided exercise sessions or brisk walks. By supplying the brain with increased blood flow, exercise also aids in improving other cognitive abilities such as multitasking, alertness, and decision-making.

It Helps Manage Stress

When we exercise, our body releases endorphins, which are neurotransmitters that make us feel good.

Stress is something we can't avoid in life. It can come from work or personal issues and affect different aspects of our lives, which can make us feel overwhelmed.

It's easy to get caught up in a heavy workload, deadlines, and high expectations, causing us to neglect exercise due to a lack of time. However, if you're experiencing exhaustion, demotivation, or a decrease in productivity, it may be time to prioritize your well-being.

Reduces Risk of Illness and Injury.

The more active and mobile you are the more productive we can be which is why steering off illness and injury is a key factor.

A sedentary lifestyle can lead to various health issues like diabetes, obesity, and heart disease. To combat these, it is recommended to engage in 150 minutes of moderate-intensity activity per week, spread out over 4 or 5 sessions, this not only empowers you but also helps in preventing these diseases.

Just 30 minutes of exercise daily, which slightly raises your heart rate, can go a long way in keeping these illnesses at bay. Additionally, it improves muscle tone and ligament strength, reducing the risk of lower back and joint injuries.

How can we add Exercise into our Daily Lives?

  1. Stand up more!: This sounds like a silly one, but the amount of extra calories burned does rack up a lot, adding to your daily steps and promoting a better posture.

  2. Change your environment (at work & at home): Change around your desk or workstation, and create a standing desk if that is possible for you. Move the furniture around. Not only will this help you burn a few extra calories, it will re-energize your focus and productivity.

  3. Join exercise classes: Do you have access to exercise classes through your current workplace? Do you have classes at your local gym? Not only is this a great way to de-stress, meeting new people can provide new stimulation.

  4. Encourage 'Active Lunch-Breaks': Get a bunch of friends together and organise a small fitness class during your lunch break, something short and energizing will get the most out of your time.


It's easy to allow a hectic life to overlook our physical and mental well-being, this feeling of being overwhelmed can really take its toll on your overall mood, productivity and our goals.

Make the decision to think back in 6 months' time and remember that right now is the time you turned it all around and started a more driven, productive and goal-driven routine. You can learn more about our Exercise in the workplace and how we can bring exercise, yoga and other engaging activities to you here


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